Stay tuned for gouge on class-related events and gatherings here! Please contact me if you’re planning to host an informal gathering or even just a happy hour so I can create a post about it or put a link here. Looking ahead to this Fall, we have away games in both San Diego and Hawaii, so hopefully we can get folks in those areas to plan watch parties or get-togethers for the class. – Cara

Upcoming events for planning and coordination purposes:

Navy vs. Notre Dame: San Diego, CA, 27 October 2018


Service Academy Career Conference: San Antonio, TX, 01-02 November 2018

Venue: Hyatt Regency San Antonio

Links to: SACCentral login page, 2018 event info and registration, 2018 companies attending, and 2018 *DRAFT* schedule


Army-Navy 2018: Philadelphia, PA, 08 December 2018