Alumni Survey Request

Posted: 10/22/2019

USNA is soliciting survey inputs from our class in support of a joint effort between the Economics Department (Dr. Michael Insler) and the USNA Office of Institutional Research to build a truly unique database that ties graduates’ views of their educational experiences with their actual performance at USNA. This will provide the researchers many opportunities for academic research and analysis. For example, we may be able to better explain—by combining graduates’ responses with curriculum evolution—the lofty collegiate ranking of the Naval Academy. We may also be able to leverage this dataset to assist in the analysis of warfare community selection by an office recently established at USNA.

The survey is designed to expand our knowledge of the history of the Naval Academy curriculum over the last 40 years by seeking responses from the transition class of graduates of the Academy’s majors program in 1971 through graduates of the Class of 2016. Thus, the survey is designed to capture graduates’ responses to their educational experiences at the Academy from the time they decided to attend USNA through their time at the Academy and on into their Navy or Marine Corps career and subsequent civilian employment.

If you would like to support this effort, please choose the appropriate survey below based on your current status.

Active Duty