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As we approach 26 years past graduation and commissioning, reminders abound that many of the great Class of 1996 are still carrying the torch and keeping our nation safe. CAPT Dave Pollard is next in line to assume command of USS GEORGE HW BUSH, and will be heading out to sea shortly after for COMPTUEX And deployment. Congratulations, Dave, we’re all looking forward to reading more about your journey!


This Friday, we’ll be talking with Patrick Shearon, founder of supply chain project leadership company, North Sky Leaders. Though his background as a USMC Logistics Officer got him an early start in this field, Patrick attributes much of his success to the principles he learned and practiced at USNA. Join us to learn more about the field of supply chain management, founding a company, and how USNA set him up for success. He’s got an inspirational message as well as client cases to share–you DO NOT want to miss this!

The New ’96 Hour with Patrick Shearon
Topic: Delivering Success through Supply Chain Leadership
Date/Time: September 24 at 1pm ET

Register here. Remember that you’ve got to be *LIVE* with us to get your questions answered. See you then!

Welcome to the new season of The New ’96 Hour! We’ve got a booming season ahead with a great lineup of guests, and we start with a powerhouse: Joe Crandall. He’s the owner & CEO of a fully veteran-operated consulting company, and he also works behind the scenes to make Veteran Shark Tank the premier pitch competition for veteran entrepreneurs. Join us to learn more about his story, the highs and lows of running a consultancy, and how he’s made “veteran-owned and veteran-operated” into a force multiplier for growing veterans and growing business.

The New ’96 Hour with Joe Crandall
Topic: Growing Veterans, Growing Business
Date/time: Aug 20 at 1:00pm ET

Register here! Remember that you’ve got to be *LIVE* with us to get your questions answered. See you then!

Email sent via Classmail 7/13/2021


Several things to update everyone on


First off, I would like to announce the results of our Class Election!

President- Bill Pennington (Current VP)
VP-Ghislaine Stonaker
Secretary-Cara Albright (Current Secretary)
Treasurer-Nikki Battaglia (Current Treasurer)
I appreciate everyone taking the time to vote.  I also want to thank all 8 classmates for raising their hand to volunteer for the Executive Committee.
They will take over starting at the 25 year reunion.  I’ve enjoyed the last 5 years and I appreciate all the support I have gotten (but I also look forward to BP taking the reigns for a bit)  Congrats!
A few important points:
  1. Westin Room Block– Our room block at the Westin is full.  The committee tried to hit the sweet spot on reserved room and not incuring financial responsibility for unbooked rooms.  (There have been stories of reunions having to cover empty rooms)
  2. Online store– It will close Sun July 18th.  This will ensure all items are received by the reunion.  Based on feedback, Tony Yanero will evaluate the cost, quality, and availability of items to determine if we will stick with the same company. Go to http://www.usnaclasstore.com/96store.html to order your ’96 Gear!  
  3. Sponsors– If you know of any classmate, their company, or some other company that might be interested in sponsoring an event, please reach out to Thomas Leahy.  There is the networking event, tailgate, fun run, etc… They have not worked out the actual mechanics yet but are exploring how we might be able to make our event even better with some sponsors. We might do signs, or something like “This Tailgate is brought to you by COMPANY X”.
  4. Fun Run– We had a much larger level of interest in this than we expected.  The Committee is working with USNA on options.  Considerations are weekend traffic, safety, getting on base, parking, and so on.  Stand by for more information.
  5. Schedule update– Please note that a few things have moved in time and location.  They will continue to update the SOE on the registration site.
  6. Registration– It is still open.  At the moment, there is a planned price increase on 1 Aug.



We are doing fairly well on our class gift and will continue raising funds through this reunion out to our 30th reunion.  If you would like to setup a monthly donation, reach out to Brian Reardon to get details.  bpreardon96@gmail.com

As you retire

Go Navy!

Nagel Sullivan

Email sent via Classmail 6/18/2021


Time for a Reunion update from Thomas Leahy:


  • FYI, our numbers are looking pretty good (currently 276 classmates are attending) but we still need some more people to register to meet our assumptions on pricing.
    • The Reunion Committee has certain costs that are by head (e.g., food) and certain ones that are spread across registrations (e.g., security and the tailgate tent).  If we don’t get enough people, then the Committee will have to cut back on some of those fixed costs.
  • There are about 40 people that registered but didn’t actually checkout/pay.  Thomas sent you all an email so if you aren’t coming, just we can track headcount.
  • The price will increase again 1 July.
  • If you are having finance issues and that is the only thing keeping you from attending, please contact Thomas to discuss options.
  • The MD Governor is rescinding all COVID restrictions as of 1 July.  So there will be minimal impact to our activities.


  • Lots of questions about what will be provided Fri night.  The short answer is open bar and food options/carving stations.  Exact menu items will be providing as we get closer and things firm up.


  • There are still seats and standing tix available.
  • Reminder that you do not need a football ticket to get into the tailgate.
  • Our block closes at the end of June.


  • There are very few rooms left.
  • on July 10, we will release any remaining rooms back to the Westin.



  • Don’t forget to vote for your Executive Steering Committee.  Only a few weeks left.

Nagel Sullivan

Passing along some sad news via Gina (Foltz) Payton:

It is with deep sympathy, that I share Mrs Susan Pegram, Robin Pegram’s mom, has passed away and joined her daughters. The following are the best details that I have right now for her memorial service –

St. Clements Episcopal Church
706 W 113th Ave
Tampa, FL 33612

Friday, June 11
Mass 1030
Visitation at 1000 before service

Lunch to follow at funeral home (details at service or I may be be able to get the address for this that need it)

Burial – Bushnell National Cemetery
6502 SW 102nd Ave
Bushnell, FL 33515

If you would like to donate for flowers or gifts, please message me (originally posted on FB) before Tuesday (08 June). Right now I know that my family and Cathy Nguyen will be attending. If you would like to send cards or a note to the family, message me for an address. This family has endured much over the years and remained an inspirational couple to many of us. Her presence in our class page will be missed, along with the many stories she would share of Robin. Please pray for Mr Earl Pegram as he has lost his wife of over 55 years.

Happy June everyone! Hope everyone had a safe and memorable Memorial Day Weekend. I live close enough to hear the memorial gun salutes at Arlington, which was a wonderful reminder to pause and pay tribute to those who have gone before us. As of today, we’re in the June price zone for reunion registration, so if you have not made your plans yet to join us in September, now is the time to do so! The next incremental price increase occurs on 1 July. The tiered pricing is designed to incentivize early sign up. This allows us to put down deposits and lock in the best pricing, which is largely dependent on how many folks we can muster. There is an option during the registration process to break up the payment. Please reach out to Thomas Leahy directly if you are have a financial hardship (leahyt@gmail.com) and need assistance. This is a come one, come all event – and while the committee has done their best to keep costs low, the reality is things do not come cheap in Annapolis.


A few other reunion notes —

  • The online merchandise store will reopen on 13 June. Items ordered this summer will arrive prior to the reunion. Contact Tony Yanero with questions.
  • There are still rooms available in the hotel block. We will start dialing back the room numbers to remove risk of us having to cover unbooked room.
  • There will be some slight schedule tweaks coming out (networking event and Class Business meeting times/locations).

Hope to see you in September!


Email sent via Classmail 5/18/21

Class of 96,

The 25th Reunion Committee is happy to announce that our registration portal is now open. A dedicated group of volunteers has put in countless hours to plan a fun series of events for Sept 10 – 12th. We hope that you join us for a memorable weekend.

Class of 96 Registration link: https://www.signupnow.events/Default.aspx?OrgId=1041&OrgName=USNA1996&eid=1060

We encourage you to sign up early so the funds collected can be used to put deposits down on vendors.

All information should be found on that website but please reach out to me or to the reunion committee with any specific questions.

Nagel Sullivan

We’ve certainly been blessed with an increase in virtual/live-streamed events over the past year, which in some cases allow us to connect for events we might not otherwise have been able to attend. Retirement ceremonies are no exception. All are welcome to join us online on Thursday for Col. Shane McDonald’s retirement ceremony, which is being live streamed from the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency out in St. Louis. The ceremony begins at 1430 EDT (1330 local/central time) and will be accessible live using the event link below – as early as 1420 Eastern so that the ceremony starts on time. Please tune in if your schedule permits as we wish Shane fair winds and following seas into his retirement from the great Class of 1996!

Date/Time: Thursday, 01 April 2021 @ 1420 EDT

Event link: Join live here

Mark Mhley takes “mission-driven” to a new level. On Friday, March 26th, we get to hear from Mark about two big transitions: the first from active duty into civilian life, and the second from one business venture to another. The pivot in his business is an extraordinary one, led by both an evaluation of the market and a steady commitment to his purpose. If you’ve struggled with the balancing act of making the “smart” decision with staying true to yourself, ideally hoping to make the “right” decision, you’ll want to join us! Mark faced down fear and uncertainty, built connections, and found fulfillment and success on a very different path than the one he started on. Learn more about how he made the difficult decisions required to execute such a shift.

The New ’96 Hour with Mark Mhley
Topic: Navigate the Pivot
Date/time: March 26 at 1pm ET

Register here! Remember that you’ve got to be *LIVE* with us to get your questions answered. See you then!