1996 Class Project: Building Our Legacy


We only have 20 days left in our $100K/60 Day fundraising challenge, which ends on June 4th. Thank you to the 35 classmates that have donated and pledged $56,301 of new funds towards that $100k goal over the past 40 days. In order to reach our goal, we need 24 more classmates to make a recurring pledge of $30 a month for 5 years! {I hear that my 1/c roommate is getting closer and closer to pledging after Cara harassed him about it just yesterday.}

As I’ve mentioned, we are the first class to use the Give Campus social tools for our class gift. I encourage you to share your personal story on why you have given using the video tools and share it on the class Facebook page and with your USNA company mates, teammates, etc. Help us generate the social buzz that encourages folks to participate. Most of us want to give something, but the traditional alumni mailings get lost in the cloud of our busy lives. Encourage folks to put their pledge on automatic. Below are some examples of recurring pledges that we have received. In each case, classmates made “give and forget” pledges that fit into their fiscal lives. Each has made a real impact to our class gift and to USNA as a whole.

$30 a month for 5 years is a $1,800 gift {recommended by your Class Officers}
$19.96 a month for 5 years is a $1,197 gift
$96 a month for 5 years is a $5,760 gift
$9.96 a month for 5 years is a $597 gift

Please check out our Give Campus link to donate. The ultimate goal is to show that a class can have a meaningful impact on the future of USNA with lots of “small” donors rather than relying solely on 3 or 4 classmates to define our legacy. Let’s get this done!

Beat Army,


e: brian.reardon@1996.usna.com

PS – In addition to my current pledge, I’m offering $10 additional for each member of the 2nd Company that makes a recurring pledge of any amount during this drive.


Some administrative notes to be aware of:

   -If your employer will match gifts, you can arrange for their funds to also go to the Class Project. More information can be found at the Foundation website.

   -Our default allocation for our class gift funds is:

        50% – Class of 1996 Bench Conservation support (69960200/Y18CG1996)  (photos below)

        27% – Class of 1996 Project Based Learning support (66960100/ Y18CG1996)

        8% –   Class of 1996 Athletic Excellence support (68960200/ Y18CG1996)

        15% – Naval Academy Annual Fund (69000000/ Y18CG1996)    

Should you like your allocation to be different, please contact the Foundation at (410) 295-4117 after you make your donation. They can go into the system and customize your gift however you like it. All of your money can go to any one the 4 priorities we chose.

Click here to give now.