1996 Class Project: Building Our Legacy


We are starting the process of formalizing our first Class Project as we approach our 30th reunion in 9 years. Hard to believe that it is already time to be thinking of our legacy, but now is an appropriate time to reflect on what our Academy experience has meant to us so far. It is certainly something that I’ve thought about as I start my 22nd year in the Navy since graduation. The Academy taught me a lot of lessons that have paid off over the years, including academics, ethics, and teamwork. It taught me a ton about forming teams and how a group of folks from all over the country/world can come together and be lifelong friends. Our first Class Gift is a chance to make a name for ourselves and to start a tradition of giving back that will really pay off as we become “Old Grads” and eventually reach our 50th reunion and begin supporting the class of 2046 through the “Another Link in the Chain” program!

The USNA Foundation asks each class to organize a fundraising project in support of USNA during the years leading up to each 10-year reunion. We have been working with the Foundation to understand the Superintendent’s most pressing priorities and to determine how much ’96 can reasonably raise between now and the end of the year of our 30th Reunion. We think an overall goal of $500,000 is achievable.

So what are the components of this fundraising project? We have studied the Supe’s high-priority philanthropic funding needs and have narrowed that extensive list to a few areas in addition to the USNA Annual Fund, which is a part of every class fundraising project. We got some great feedback from the online survey in September, so thank you for sharing your ideas. We are working on next steps, so check back for updates. Your opinions are important and we really want to hear from you. If you want to provide additional feedback or have questions, please email me at brian.reardon@1996.usna.com or call me at (301) 247-3879.

Thank you for being a part of this process!

– Brian

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