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Catch Tony Magrogan’s Recent Interview on The New ’96 Hour

Posted: 10/23/2019

From Jennifer (Campbell) Stillings: My interview with Tony Magrogan for last month’s New ’96 Hour was so much fun! Show notes will be coming soon. In the meantime, you can enjoy the video recording (available for a limited time only) right here. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on strategy, Tony!

Alumni Survey Request

Posted: 10/22/2019

USNA is soliciting survey inputs from our class in support of a joint effort between the Economics Department (Dr. Michael Insler) and the USNA Office of Institutional Research to build a truly unique database that ties graduates’ views of their educational experiences with their actual performance at USNA. This will provide the researchers many opportunities for academic research and analysis. For example, we may be able to better explain—by combining graduates’ responses with curriculum evolution—the lofty collegiate ranking of the Naval Academy. We may also be able to leverage this dataset to assist in the analysis of warfare community selection by an office recently established at USNA.

The survey is designed to expand our knowledge of the history of the Naval Academy curriculum over the last 40 years by seeking responses from the transition class of graduates of the Academy’s majors program in 1971 through graduates of the Class of 2016. Thus, the survey is designed to capture graduates’ responses to their educational experiences at the Academy from the time they decided to attend USNA through their time at the Academy and on into their Navy or Marine Corps career and subsequent civilian employment.

If you would like to support this effort, please choose the appropriate survey below based on your current status.

Active Duty



In the News: Kim Mitchell and VVSD Celebrate New Clinic

Posted: 8/26/2019

Many of you are already familiar with the amazing work that Kim has been doing as the CEO of Veterans Village of San Diego. For anyone in the San Diego area, Kim recently shared an invite for an event on 05 September to celebrate the opening of the Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic. The Clinic will provide mild to moderate mental health services for Post 9/11 Veterans and their spouses and children, as well as to the dependents of Active Duty service members. Please see invite below to RSVP if you would like to attend!

It’s Navy Football Tailgating Season!

Hey classmates! T-5 days until the first Navy home game. Hope to see you all there. To get things rolling this year we’re asking for donations to keep the tailgater up and running. We will have the kitty at the game, but if you don’t want to carry that pesky thing called cash please feel free to PayPal the ‘96 account ( Or if you’re hip and with it Zelle the money to me (904-535-5810) and I recommend $96!!! Can’t wait to see everyone! Beat Army!!! –Nikki Battaglia

In the News: Ryan Stone and SmartSky Networks

Ryan Stone has been breaking barriers with his tech startup company, SmartSky Networks, based in North Carolina. Read his latest press release, learn about the history of this venture, and watch his featured interview with Jenn (Campbell) Stillings for the launch of The New ’96 Hour.

In the News: Mark Mhley Leads F-14 Restoration on the Yard

Posted: 5/20/2019

Mark Mhley has been leading a team of volunteers in the restoration and repainting of the F-14 Tomcat that made it to the Yard last year and is now on display in Ellyson Park just inside Gate 8. With their work almost finished, the team was recently featured in the Capital Gazette photo gallery section. BZ, Mark!

In the News: Todd Ferris Fuels Big Analytics in Chocolate World

Posted: 4/23/2019

Our classmate Todd Ferris was recently interviewed by the Wall Street Journal about his career and the analytics work he does for Hershey. Check out the article here (subscription required to view entire article):

Sweet Spot: Where Data Analysis Meets Chocolate (29 March 2019, WSJ)

BZ, Todd! Keeping ’96 on the map… and probably the only one of us who’s been photographed sitting under a portrait of Milton Hershey. Great work!

Class Project Update: Donations Just Got A Whole Lot Cooler…

Posted: 4/5/2019

…and easier, too! Check out our link below, which is hosted by Give Campus via the Naval Academy Foundation. It’s even mobile friendly! It is set up for both recurring pledges and one-time donations, so feel free to share it with friends and family.

Click here to donate now!

The great Class of 1996 is piloting this new fundraising platform for the Foundation, so please send any feedback you have to our Class Project Officer, Brian Reardon.

Spring Football Ticket Reminder

Get ready for the 2019 Navy football season! Single game tickets, season tickets, and Army-Navy tickets are all on sale through NAAA, which means tailgating season is finally something more than a blip on our radar. Remember, if you order a parking pass one of the options is to park alongside the tailgating tent – just be sure to to include our location (Spot 12) when you order your pass. GO NAVY, BEAT ARMY!

QOD: ’96 Class Project Donations

Posted: 12/3/2018

Here’s some additional gouge from Brian Reardon based on recent questions he has been fielding about donations and the class project.

Q: In addition to/instead of pledging $30 for 96 month to our Class Gift, I want to make a tax year 2018 donation to the US Naval Academy Foundation. How can I make sure the donation is allocated to the 1996 Class Gift?

A: If you are donating by phone, or if you get a call soliciting donations, make sure to tell the telemarketer that you want to give to the 1996 Gift. If filling out a form you received in the mail, include the 1996 Fund Numbers on your form. The 1996 Class Gift includes the below Fund Numbers:

50% – Class of 1996 Bench Conservation support (69960200/Y18CG1996)

27% – Class of 1996 Project Based Learning support (66960100/ Y18CG1996

8% –   Class of 1996 Athletic Excellence support (68960200/ Y18CG1996)

15% – Naval Academy Annual Fund (69000000/ Y18CG1996)   

As discussed previously, percentages can be changed to suit the desires of the donor. Please contact Brian if you have any questions!

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